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Welcome on the Collaborative Inter-Governmental Scientific Research Institute website, which provides information on the CISRI Organization and its programs. Established 20 November 2000 through an International Agreement endowed with the highest standard of institutional commitment, the CISRI Organization has the function to promote scientific research, initiatives and education in favour of international co-operation (Article I of the International Agreement establishing CISRI), both at technical and advocacy level and represents a platform of institutional relevance for the issues related to international and development cooperation providing high relevance to NGO/IGO enhancement and partnership.

In these more than ten years the Organization has grown constantly and has provided its Members with an optimal standard of technical support and institutional network.

The International Agreement establishing CISRI has received the highest level of institutional commitment:
1) registration with the Secretariat of the United Nations (United Nations Treaty Series - UNTS N°37542)
2) publication on the United Nations Statement of Treaties and International Agreements (ST/LEG/SER.A.652 of June 2001)
3) publication on the front page of the United Nations Cumulative Index

CISRI commitment is to provide continuous support and aid to the various components of the international cooperation scenario, for the attainment of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as well as of the relevant United Nations General Assembly’ s Resolutions on international cooperation, social development as well as food and water improvement.

CISRI advocates inter alia in favour of the international campaign to sustain the “Right to Food”, (UN General Assembly’s Resolution N° A/C.3/L.53) and therefore its principal subsidiary Program (CISRI-ISP) has been granted Observer status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), by decision N°E/2003/212 of 5 March 2003, supported by several Projects of Resolution in the United Nations General Assembly

CISRI-ISP is represented at the United Nations annual substantial sessions of Economic and Social Council in New York and Geneva, as well as in UNIDO in Vienna and WFP in Rome and has the honour to be duly inserted into the list of Intergovernmental Organization officially recorded into in the United Nations central Registry.

In the name of the CISRI General Council, I have the honour to thank you for your visit to the CISRI website.


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