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cisri status
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Cisri Council, via Berberini 3/a 00187 Roma (Italy)
Cisri Secretariat, via Bonomelli, 1 28100 Novara (Italy)
Tel: +39032130340 Fax +39 0696708851
Email: procedures@cisri.org - info@cisri.org
CISRI is composed by three main bodies:

1) The General Council, composed of the Member States;

2) The Secretariat, with executive functions;

3) A subsidiary program called ISP (Intergovernmental Spirulina Program) which has been granted observer status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), coordinated by a General Director, appointed every five years by the General Council and composed of experts, researchers and other members of staff, with the aim to promote studies, research and initiatives for populations in need.

In addition CISRI has several Commissions and Departments.

CISRI Commissions are technical bodies composed of qualified individuals appointed by the Secretary-General (Article 4 of the international Agreement establishing CISRI), who act in consultative capacity and serve on a three year basis. When the presence of a resident representative is needed on a given place, the CISRI can appoint so called Field Commissioners, who serve in personal capacity as principal referents for a field project.

CISRI Departments are set up by resolution of the CISRI General Council and are composed of officers and staff members, headed by a senior officier, directly accountable to the Secretary-General.

The function of each Department is to provide operational support to its specific sector of activity.

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