Faq ( frequently asked questions)

What is a Safe-Conduct?
The Safe Conduct is a protective document, which is intended to protect officers belonging to a Partner Organization, for the fulfilment of a specific institutional assignment.

What are the origins of Safe Conducts?
Safe Conducts were conceived during past centuries, to safe-guard the life of envoys and/ delegates, especially during periods of conflict. Nowadays it must be considered a document intended to increase the safety of volunteers, humanitarian officers and benevolent associations.

What is the duration of the Safe-Conduct?
Being the standard duration of such documents generally of five years, the duration of the CISRI Safe Conduct is of 5 (five) years, renewable.

Where is the safe-conduct valuable?
Being a protective document the safe conduct is valuable worldwide. This effectiveness is due as an act of respect for the Internationally-recognized status of the CISRI organization.

What is the difference between Safe-Conducts and Passports and National ID cards?
National ID Cards and Passport are exhaustive identification documents, which means that they are self-sufficient to clearly identify its holder.
The ID Card (or equivalent) is normally issued for any national of a given State
The passport is issued by a State in various form:
Standard passport, issued in favour of any national applicant possessing the legal requirements for its issuance.
Official passport, for State Officers with official or quasi-diplomatic status
Diplomatic passport, for Officers with diplomatic endowments or, in exceptional cases, for specific official purposes.
The Safe-Conduct, instead , is a supportive document and in most cases it is not sufficient to state the identity of its holder, but has the specific, precise and determined role to attest the detailed functions of its holder within the juridical body which has issued the safe conduct .

How to use a Safe Conduct?
As said, the Safe Conduct must be accompanied by a National ID or Passport and cannot subsidize or discharge the functions of IDs or Passports but is intended to protect an Officer belonging to a partner Organization, for the fulfilment of a specific institutional assignment.
Safe Conducts should be respected, according to International Law, by States and International Organizations, as expression of the respect due to the international juridical status of their Issuing Authority. The respect is not due to the document itself but as a courtesy to its issuing Authority, according to the principle of reciprocity of International Law, which provides the highest form of reciprocal consideration among International Subjects.

What entity can emit a Safe-Conduct?
Safe conduct can be issued by national or supranational authorities.
Only States or Intergovernmental Organizations (IGO) can emit Safe-Conducts.

What is the renewal procedure for the CISRI Safe-Conduct?
The first issuance of the Safe-Conduct is for five year, then the document must be returned to CISRI Office with a RENEWAL FORM, duly compiled, and the first prorogation is affixed on the renewal page. The same happens after ten years, when the second prorogation is affixed for another five years. After a total of 15 (fifteen) years the booklet must be re-issued, with a new photo and updated data.

What is the juridical value of the Safe-Conduct in respect of a national authority?
The Safe Conduct is a protective document, and has the exclusive purpose to facilitate its bearer in the fulfilment of humanitarian and benevolent functions through the request of let him pass without hindrance or delay and to help and assist him in case of need.
The CISRI Safe Conduct is exclusively valid for service purposes and if used in strict observance of national and international laws and regulations in force.

What is the entitlement of CISRI to emit Safe-Conducts?
CISRI, in its quality of Intergovernmental Organization, established by International Agreement (Treaty), signed 20 November 2000 by several Governments and registered with the United Nations Secretariat, according to Article 102 of the UN Charter. has the capacity to emit organizational documents and, as the case may be, to grant part of its privileges to Affiliated Organizations .
The CISRI establishment Agreement has been duly published on the United Nations Treaty Series Volume 2150, (registration number 37542) and additionally recorded in the UN Statement of Treaties and International Agreements NST/LEG/SER/A.652, page, 7- 38 as well as displayed on the Front Page of the United Nations Treaty Series Cumulative Index N.40

CISRI Seat - Novara

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